Small actions – Big changes

Charity is an important aspect of our lives that allows us to make positive changes in the world and help those in need of support.

EVEN Group does not stand aside and is the author of two socially significant sponsorship projects – the «Federation of Triathlon of the Moscow Region» and the «New Opportunities» Foundation.


One race,
thousands of emotions

The Federation of Triathlon of the Moscow Region is an organization that is dedicated to the development and popularization of triathlon in the region. Triathlon is a multidisciplinary sport that includes swimming, cycling, and running.

The goal of the Federation is to create conditions for training and organizing triathlon competitions for athletes of different age categories and levels of preparation.

The Federation plays an important role in the development of triathlon in the region by providing conditions for training and competitions, as well as supporting and developing the triathlon community.


Giving hope
and help

The charitable foundation «New Opportunities» is a non-profit organization operating in the Moscow region, aimed at addressing social issues and providing material, financial, and psychological assistance to vulnerable populations such as orphans, low-income families, elderly people, people with disabilities, and other socially vulnerable groups.

The foundation organizes various programs and events aimed at supporting and socializing these individuals, as well as developing their potential.